Refurbishment and Repairs

At PLP Lift Trucks Ltd, we are able to offer our customers three different types of refurbishments, to suit your every need.

Full Refurbishment

During the refurbishment, we will carry out the following:

  • Strip down of the entire truck
  • Check the engine
  • Check the transmission
  • Check the brakes
  • Check the axle
  • Check the mast
  • Check all major components
  • Repair, renew or replace any components if required
  • Issue the truck with a service and thorough examination, in compliance with CFTS
  • Fully repaint the truck in our fully equipped spray-booth on site (we can paint a truck in custom colours, as we have done in the past for Virgin’s F1 Racing)

Part Refurbishment

During a part refurbish, we replace only the necessary components that have been advised by our customers. We can base a part refurbish on your own individual needs, the condition that the truck is in as well as your budget.

Minor Refurbishment

A minor refurbishment consists of a check over the truck as well as a paint in our spray booth.


Forklift Refurbishment

Forklift Refurb

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