At PLP Lift Trucks Ltd, our motto is “if we don’t look after our customers, someone else will” which is why we settle for nothing less than total customer satisfaction and our aim is to be your partners in success.

We always strive to give you the support you need, exactly when you need it.

  • Penny Hydraulics
    PLP Lift Trucks Ltd are without doubt experts in their field. They have been specifying material handling equipment since 1972, so they have the knowledge and expertise to help address most material handling issues.

    The company have been the preferred partner to Penny Hydraulics Ltd for many years supplying our fork lift trucks as well as integral components for our Goods Lift product range. The company continue to exceed our expectations. Nationwide service agents carry out planned maintenance providing a “one stop shop” for customers like us and used fork lift trucks are also available when budgets are tight.

    The company place real emphasis on building close client relationships and have the technical knowledge, experience and expertise to specify handling equipment for their extensive customer base. We therefore have no hesitation recommending them.

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  • Stacey Goulding – Warehouse & Document Preparation Manager
    PLP Lift Trucks Ltd have provided counter balance and reach truck equipment to our site for the last twelve years. During this time they have provided us with continuous support in terms of training and equipment servicing to allow our lifting needs to be met. They continually provide us with support and solutions during the equipment procurement process to make sure we get the right equipment for our purposes. The team demonstrate a positive can do attitude and their customer service is second to none. I am delighted to be able to provide this testimonial for their team.
  • Mick Welburn – Works Manager
    As a company who use forklifts on a daily basis, we need a company who can give us a quick response when breakdowns occur and we have this in PLP Lift Trucks Ltd - they give us excellent service when called upon. Servicing on our forklifts is to a high standard, using original parts where required and only fitting new parts when the old ones cannot be repaired. Having a Cesab M330 on Contract Hire from PLP Lift Trucks Ltd, this has been a revelation to our company; the reliability of this truck is second to none. If you require a company to keep your forklifts serviceable and reliable then PLP Lift Trucks Ltd are the company to rely on.
  • Simon Attwell – Health, Safety & Environment Assistant Manager
    As a business we pride ourselves on our ability to offer a bespoke service in a developing marketplace, as a result our service providers are chosen to replicate our demands. As we grow these demands increase the needs and expectations on our providers. PLP Lift Trucks Ltd have worked alongside our organisation for several years and continue to assist and develop in a very competitive market. As a family owned company we pride ourselves on the personal and personable touch, this we feel forms an integral foundation of good and lasting professional relationship’s, long may it continue.
  • Richard Lee – Operations Manager
    Dear PLP, I would like to personally thank your team for the service I have recently received on a breakdown, as this was no regular breakdown and required a great deal of organisation and planning to get me operational again. The level of service for us was “excellent “and would highly recommend PLP to any company looking for a Forklift service and sales agent. Thanks to you all.
  • Theodor Stuth – Operations Manager
    We had to remove two continuous furnaces, one of them 17 m long, with a weight of 40 t, within a week. Every additional day necessary for dismantling and removal would trigger a penalty exceeding GBP 1,000 per day. Therefore, quick reaction by service providers was of the essence. PLP was the first company to react on our enquiry, the first making an offer for the services requested. The forklift trucks were delivered in time. Contacts were kept throughout the dismantling time. PLP offered assistance, when the dismantled parts proved to be much heavier than originally estimated. We were very satisfied with the services provided. Dealing with PLP was a pleasant experience.
  • Simon Middlebrook – General Manager
    We have worked with PLP Lift Trucks Ltd since 1998 and are about to take delivery of yet another new truck, continuing a long-term partnership between our two companies. PLP Lift Trucks Ltd continue to provide us with good trucks, and a professional, friendly service that we both have confidence in and can trust.
  • Steve Cowling – Maintenance Manger
    PLP Lift Trucks Ltd have continually, over a long period of years, met the demands of our Materials Handling Equipment, through the ever-changing business environment. Even with a fleet in excess of 26 forklifts, PLP Lift Trucks Ltd have always strived to achieve and meet all of our needs, however diverse; ranging from modified powered pallet trucks to twelve-tonne counterbalance forklifts. We are provided with excellent Service and Thorough Examinations for all of our forklifts and we look forward to continuing our relationship with PLP Lift Trucks Ltd.
  • Phil Wicks – Facility Maintenance & Devlopment Manager
    We are a global supplier of cleaning and waste management services and have used PLP Lift Trucks Ltd as our preferred supplier of Materials Handling Equipment over the last 15 years. We currently have a new Cesab M325 on trial which has exceeded our expectations and we have no hesitation in continuing with PLP Lift Trucks Ltd as our relationship goes from strength to strength.
  • Andrew Marwood – European Operations Director
    We have an established relationship spanning over 10 years. Recently, we have taken delivery of a replacement fleet of side loaders and will continue with the excellent service we have come to expect.
  • Claire Monk – Head Brewer
    The service received from PLP Lift Trucks Ltd from day one was exemplary. We were advised on which forklift would be suitable for our application and we were given test-runs with the various options available before committing. Once we had made the decision to lease a forklift, we took delivery of a Cesab Drago 200. The training package and follow up services were excellent and after using our Cesab forklift, we now work more efficiently and safely thanks to the help of PLP Lift Trucks Ltd.