Introducing Cesab Materials Handling

For over 70 years, Cesab Materials Handling equipment have been helping businesses of all sizes to maximise their productivity, through innovative, high quality products and personal service through local dealers. PLP Lift Trucks Ltd are an exclusive dealer for Cesab Materials Handling Equipment, ranging from Counterbalance trucks, across a range of capacities, through to Warehouse equipment. All Cesab materials handling equipment is manufactured using the world renowned Toyota Production System (TPS) to not only ensure consistently high quality standards but waste reduction and environmental impact.


Cesab’s passion for innovation is as strong today as it was 70 years ago, with their trucks featuring the industry leading Intelligent Mast Design on all of the counterbalance forklifts. At PLP Lift Trucks Ltd, we firmly believe that Cesab forklifts are the best on the market today. However, you don’t have to take our word for it – simply fill in the form to the right to contact us for a free of charge demonstration so you can just how good they really are.




Cesab’s Industry Leading Intelligent Mast Design

Cesab have an undoubted passion for engineering and an aim to create a safer working environment. Therefore, Cesab brought together a team of specialists engineers, designers and production specialists to create the “Intelligent Mast Design”. This is an industry leading design, which is unique to Cesab and comes as standard on all counterbalance machines. The Intelligent Mast Design is a pioneering concept intended to create new mast standards across Europe. Drawing on Cesab’s engineering heritage, along with state of the art design and manufacturing techniques, Cesab were able to achieve leading levels of visibility and performance from its mast. From the image below, you can see the clear levels of visibility from a Three Stage Full Free Lift Cesab mast.




Many companies will tell you that they do things better. Across the Cesab Dealer Network, we’re only concerned with helping you do things better.